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the new life

life is rather strange these days.
lyndsy moved in with me.
we have our family.
Echo, Foosa, Lyndsy and me.
we share a small bedroom in the westside of santa cruz, and sleep in the closet.
we dont like our housemates cause they are inconsiderate and dirty.
we want to move.
i am happy.
she says i dont look sad anymore.
katie used to say i looked confused or sad.
Sanda lives here.
we kicked it the other night.
my girls came up last weekend.
i miss them.
our plants look good too.
we are thinking of moving to LA LA land. but the other other LA LA Land.
i need a ciggarette and some water.
we got a video card.
it was fun.
you can rent 5 movies for 5 days for 5 dollars.
its a great deal and they have a pretty good select.
my computer is currently incompasitated.
is that the correct word. im sure the wrong spelling.
take care
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i want to come up the weekend after seattle. k? i need to travel! im listening to benny benassi's "satisfaction" -download the video it's awesome. it's all these really hot chix with power tools n shit.
i miss you! jade's been pulling some weird shit lately. whenever i talk to her i find out she's gone out again with some of our mutual high skewl friends...even friends that were more my friends than hers and she never calls to invite me along. she just tells me about it afterwards. i dont' get it. and i realllly wouldn't be suprised if she were doing speed or coke coz she's been hanging around sogol alot and they used to do shit together. it's depressing. my two best friends - you and sanda are so far and jade is being weird. i have suma and vic. kinda depressing. but i guess since things are still really good with vic- im pretty happy. i miss you alot. tell lindsay i said helllo. she's a sweet heart.
call me babe.
aw shit girl. i was wondering where/howd you been.
glad to know your doing good.
hi!! glad to see you're doing well. keep in touch. let me know next time you come to town. see you later.
I'm glad to finally here from you, I was wondering where you had gone. You should email me sum time so we can talk:
Tonight I'll walk the razor along your throat
You'll wear blood jewels and last week's ochre bruise
There's a new song out just for you and me
There's sawdust on the floor, and one dismembered horse

You'll wear blood jewels and last week's final bruise
I got three shirts from the hokey-man at dawn
There'll be sawdust on the floor and, ha, his dismembered horse:
Rust-stained fetlock, gristle, bone and hoof . . .

They'll look good hanging from the shirt I took at dawn.
Bitch, let's be proud to live at Eutaw Place
With rats, a severed fetlock, muscle, bone and hooves,
George will bring his snake and the skirt Divine threw out.

For now, I'm glad we live at Eutaw Place
Remember how we met at the Flower Mart last Spring?
George wore his snake and the hose Divine threw out—
Eating Sandoz oranges, we watched the ladies in their spats.

Remember how you burned your hair at the Flower Mart last May?
I put it out with Wes Jones' checkered pants,
The pulp of oranges and that old lady's hat—
I knew I loved you then, with your blistered face and tracks

That I disinfected with Wes Jones' filthy pants
There's a new song out just for you and me
That says I'll always love you and your face. Let's make new tracks
Tonight, dragging the white-hot razor across our throats and back . . .

i thought it was beautiful... i think you are too. yours is the biggest heart this side of the mississippi.
Happy Birthday
thank you darling!
hey. i love you, ouise.
i miss you so much.

i love you my miss louise amorette.
i miss you too katie. i was just thinking about you the other day, wondering if you were going to forget about me. i miss you. i want to see you soon.
take care miss.
i love you