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im a cook...
i broke my collar bone the other day.
it hurts a lot.but the doctor gave me some vicodin, for when i sleep or it really hurts. i have to wear this brace thing that keeps my sholders back, so my bone doesnt displace and puncture my lung. ive been snoting/coughing out bloodchunkys
so i have to go back to the doctor again. blah.

kittens boyfriend has fleas, and she has a few too.
they had fun playing last night.
i made lasagna for lyndsy for lunch.
laura is coming back home to visit again.
that makes me happy.
i have work.
that makes me unhappy.
but i get to cook, but then i smell like food.
i washed my pants.
i think the first time since...may or june
gross i guess, but they are falling apart.
i have to get ready for work.
i washed my apron too.
i want to smoke pot.
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