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days like this i dont know what to do with myself

so i finally came home on saturday.
its been a while since i updated.
news in my life
Modeling Contract with Ford. I start in 2 months.
i feel sick
my overies hate me
and i think i have a fever and i know my head hurts, spine whatever.
lyndsy was in santa cruz yesterday so we kicked it.
it was lovely.
we went to the beach, this half secluded beach, super fucking windy/sand storm whatever the fuck you want to call it
then we just chilled in my room and then later herby and john played guitar while lyndsy and i sat on the sofa on the porch, smoked and sang to their songs.
it was nice.
sucks she had to go home.
LA this week.
clubs, friends, party.
then jade and adrianne are coming back up with me.
i do beleive we are going to the city so they can meet lyndsy and that will be fuckin cool cause then i will be surrounded by people i love.
ims tealing a vase from my house to give to my mother for her birthday.
thats nice yeah?
my back fucking hurts.
fiona apple fuckin rocks me hard right now.
oh yeah.
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