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so yeah.
i am in berkeley. leaving tonight to go back to LA.
if anyone cares to kick it gimme a call. 805 512 0476

so i went to this co-op party with lyndsy. i hadnt eaten anything all day and was rather lightheaded when we went and throughout most of the day. i had only been awake for about...oh 45 minutes when we got to the party(10pmish).
so it was a pirate themed party. saw some people i had met through her and we met some pretty neat people. saw a guy i worked with in santa cruz, that was fun. but anywhore.... so pirate theme=lots o rum. somehow a bottle of "grog" got handed to me. im a drinking... nothing, drinking some more... all straight, so then i ended up taking a big ass fucking gulp of 151, and i was all cool, but then... like everytyhing fucking hit me wayyyy hard.
kinda funny but sucky, we were talking to this really neat chick, alex, and then i like pinned lyndsy on the wall and started kisssing her, and then i bit her lip and made her bleed. hah, i feel so lame. she took care of me. i ended up puking in the court yard and then back when we got to lyndsys flat i vomited in the toilet and was dry heaving. i havent puked since new years at jessickas in san diego. it was nastty, then i proceded to take my clothes off and pass out. woke up feeling not too bad, but then later had a bad hangover which consisted of a fucking headache from hell and my stomach turned upside down. eek, couldnt eat really all too much.
later in the evening we went to her friend morgans house and had the best cornchowder ever and watched hedwig and the angry inch.
things are good.
i think ive let go of some shit and whatnot. ive fallen for this girl and i think its a good thing, or potentially could be.

ps whos on friendster?
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