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the new life

life is rather strange these days.
lyndsy moved in with me.
we have our family.
Echo, Foosa, Lyndsy and me.
we share a small bedroom in the westside of santa cruz, and sleep in the closet.
we dont like our housemates cause they are inconsiderate and dirty.
we want to move.
i am happy.
she says i dont look sad anymore.
katie used to say i looked confused or sad.
Sanda lives here.
we kicked it the other night.
my girls came up last weekend.
i miss them.
our plants look good too.
we are thinking of moving to LA LA land. but the other other LA LA Land.
i need a ciggarette and some water.
we got a video card.
it was fun.
you can rent 5 movies for 5 days for 5 dollars.
its a great deal and they have a pretty good select.
my computer is currently incompasitated.
is that the correct word. im sure the wrong spelling.
take care
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